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The Most Popular Online MBA Concentrations

In demand online MBA concentrations

The Most Popular Online MBA Concentrations

Our recently updated data reveal the most popular online MBA concentrations available in the market today. With over 473 online MBA programs to choose from, you should definitely search for programs that offer specialized discipline and job-relevant concentrations. For example:

  • 30% of online MBAs offer a concentration in Healthcare Administration
    • There are 69 online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) programs in the U.S. Online MHA programs are widely available.  You’ll need to decide if your career path is better served by earning the more general MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration or from earning the more specialized MHA.
  • 28% of online MBAs offer Marketing / Marketing Management concentrations
    • Only 12 online Master of Marketing programs are available in the market today. Are you more interested in earning the MBA first and adding specialized marketing skills second? Additionally, there are 14 online MBAs that offer a concentration in the more specialized subject of Social / Digital Media Marketing. Is a general Marketing concentration or is a more specialized marketing concentration more important to you?
  • 28% of online MBAs offer Finance as a concentration
    • There are 37 online Master of Finance programs in the market today. Again, which would be best for you, based on what you want most from this educational experience?

Other Popular Online MBA Concentrations

Additional popular concentrations, Accounting, Human Resources / HR Management, and Management, occur in slightly lower proportions.

  • The Accounting concentration is usually designed to offer the courses necessary for undergrad Accounting majors to complete their CPA exams. Most websites clearly articulate this benefit to you, if the concentration is designed to help you meet this goal.
  • Human Resources as noted in this top concentration list captures only the general HR concentration advertised on program websites. Additional HR-related concentrations we see in our data include Organizational Behavior and Leadership.
  • The general Management concentration is offered frequently. Some online MBA programs are differentiating their management concentrations by industry. For example, they offer Sport Management, Hospitality Management, or Information Technology Management concentrations to be more appealing to your interests.
  • It’s very interesting to note that 28% of online MBA programs currently do not offer ANY concentrations to you, the prospective student.

Emerging Concentrations

In addition to the most popular concentrations, some emerging concentrations (fewer than 10 online MBA programs offer these) include: Energy Leadership / Management, Corporate Communications, Innovation Management, Consulting Management, Change Management, and Risk Management.

  • The Energy Leadership concentrations are offered at institutions in states with strong energy industry presence, such as in Texas and Oklahoma.
  • Innovation Management, Consulting Management, and Change Management concentrations speak to prospective students who are interested in process management / systems thinking. Are you interested in becoming a management consultant? Many consultancies are hired to specifically help large organizations create innovation processes or to manage change within their organization!

What’s in a Name?

Definitely choose an online MBA program with a concentration name that easily communicates to prospective employers the specialized skills your program taught you!

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