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The Top Five Most Affordable Online Doctor of Education (EdD) Programs

Online Doctor of Education programs

Online Doctor of Education Programs

Are you thinking about earning your Doctor of Education degree? If so, you are in great company. Teachers are among the most highly educated workers in the U.S. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, just under 9% of primary and secondary school teachers have earned their Education Specialist or Doctor’s degree. And earning this degree while you continue working is entirely possible with dozens of online programs available in the market today.

But if you are looking for an affordable online or low residency Doctor of Education (EdD) program, it can take days, if not weeks, of time to find the best programs through traditional web searches.  And both the cost and quality of an online EdD are relevant criteria to consider as you search.  But, you’ll only find these details by searching individual program websites of many possible program choices. collects data from university program websites to provide complete, up-to-date, details for online graduate degree programs. This past fall (2016), we collected data from the universe of online and low residency EdD programs actively marketing on the web. There are 26 online and low residency EdDs included in our database.

Our Top Five Most Affordable, Online EdD Degree Programs

The top five most affordable online and low residency EdD programs (total tuition) in the U.S. today are:

  1. William Howard Taft University ($20,160)
  2. University of Nebraska Lincoln ($22,500)
  3. University of the Cumberlands ($22,500)
  4. Old Dominion University ($27,864)
  5. University of West Florida ($29,824)

Of these five programs, Old Dominion University is the only low residency program and requires first and second year students to attend an annual, two-week Summer Institute the first two weeks in June. The other four programs are fully online.

These programs offer a wide range of specialization options. Two offer Community College Leadership, one offers Higher Education Leadership, two offer general Leadership, and one offers Curriculum & Instruction specializations. Two programs require students submit a GRE score for admissions consideration, and two others require students have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their master’s programs. Only one institution in this list is for-profit, and three are public institutions.

The total tuition for the total twenty-six programs in our database ranges from $20,160 to $103,980, with an average tuition across all programs of $45,635 (based on the tuition information published on their websites). So, these five programs clearly are among the more affordably priced, with total tuition just under $30,000.

Let Help

Visit our website to get this free report pdf.  And, for only $24.99, get our full report for online and low residency EdD degree programs, saving hundreds of hours of searching the web for this information. This report gives you all the programmatic details on the universe of online Ed.D. programs available in the market today, including:

  • Name and location of university
  • Degree name and concentrations/specializations available
  • Delivery modality and details on residency requirements
  • Cost per credit in-state, out-of-state and/or online, and total tuition
  • Prerequisite and admissions requirements details such as GRE requirements, minimum GPA, and work experience
  • URL of program website for more details and institutional characteristics, and more!

With our help, you can develop a short-list of program options that meet your key criteria before you start reaching out to universities for more information.

If you are shopping for an online degree, is here to help you.  Our database contains more information about online graduate degree programs than any website in the market today. Our goal is to help you find the right program, saving you significant amounts of time while providing the best information possible. Visit our website today to explore any of the most popular online graduate degrees. provides prospective students with summary reports for all of the most popular online graduate degree programs. The database we use to create these reports is the, a web-based, continually-updated, easily searchable database of all the most popular online graduate degree programs in the United States. We deliver all the information you need to find the right online graduate degree to advance your career. You, the student, are our customer. We are not a marketing company, and we never sell your contact information to universities or education companies.

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